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Look what our fantastic Year 6's have sent us.

We miss them too!

Dear Children,

Tomorrow is week 2 of the strangest Summer Term ever. I hope that you are well and keeping up with your learning. I’m in contact with your teachers nearly every day and I can tell you that they are all well and are missing you. In fact, they are missing you so much that they’ve put together a short film for you to enjoy. Before you watch it, I would really like to thank everyone for sending their clips in and especially Mr and Mrs Knight, Mrs Hill and Miss Price for taking the time to put this together. So, just click play, sit back and enjoy.

And remember, ‘Stay safe and be kind!’

Mr. Waller

Dear Parents/Carers and Children,

I very much hope that you were able to enjoy the Easter holidays – I know things are very different for us all at the moment but it is so important to keep positive and make the best of things.

Today (20th April) is the start of the summer term and therefore I need you to turn your attention back to home learning. The teachers have been updating the tasks and setting learning for you to do. It is important that you try and get through as much as you can, but we don’t want it to cause too much stress! Learning at home is VERY different to learning at school – just do what you can. Every little helps as they say!

I’m sure that you’re aware that the best way to success is to build routine. A suggested timetable may look something like this:



Exercise - Joe Wicks’ YouTube workouts are proving popular. Alternatively, make up some routines of your own including star jumps, running on the spot.

9.30am – 10.30am

Home Learning activities – check the school website to see what your teacher has set you

10.30am  – 11am

Break (and a drink/snack)

11am – 11.30am

Reading, and updating reading diary

11.30am – 1pm

Free time and lunch

1pm – 2pm

Home Learning activities – check the school website to see what your teacher has set you

2pm – 3pm

Outside exercise – go for a walk, ride your bike but make sure you stick to the rules!!

Anytime before bed

Read a book of your choice


Remember, this is a suggestion and your day may need to be different. If you can keep two to three hours of learning time going each weekday, you are doing well. If your child wants to do more, then let them, there are plenty of ideas available. Please remember that too much pressure leads to resistance which then causes stress for everyone. Remember, these times are different so anything that you can do to keep your child motivated and learning is a good thing.

I am keeping in close contact with the teachers, and can tell you that we are missing you all and that we hope that things return to normal soon.

Take care, stay safe and be kind!

Mr Waller

Welcome to Hempsted C. of E. Primary School

Our school lies in an idyllic village setting, only about 2½km from Gloucester city centre, but isolated from the main urban area by the Gloucester canal. The River Severn to the west actually makes the environs an island! 

We are one of the smallest of the Gloucester City Primary Schools, with a welcoming, family atmosphere, yet aiming to give our children the facilities and opportunities that are normally only on offer at a larger school. And our active parents’ association and close links with St. Swithuns Church keep the school at the heart of the community.

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