World War Two Evacuation Experience

Class Six ended their World War Two topic on a high just before half term, when they time travelled back to 1940 and were ‘evacuated’ to the countryside. The children were met at the station by a ‘farmer’ who very kindly said she would let them stay on her farm to stay safe from bombing. They travelled by steam train from Winchcombe to Cheltenham and then back again. Along the way they had a sing-a-long of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and Run Rabbit, tried on a gas mask and there was a mysterious German ‘spy’ on the train, who was apprehended at the station. There was also an air raid which meant they had to take cover in an ARP shelter and sit in almost darkness and listen to the ‘bombs’ outsides. Once the all-clear sounded, they had to gather hoses and water and then take it in turns to use a stirrup pump to activate the hoses. They were all very good at that! They then went to meet their new ‘teacher’, who told them more about the jobs they may have to do with their new family and they were shown many interesting artefacts. The children then watched a very moving short film about the bombing of Coventry. After this, our ‘farmer’ allocated all of the children a job to do – cleaning out pigs and chickens, looking after the horses and some of them were big enough to drive tractors. Unfortunately the children didn’t quite make it to the farm to settle in, as they went back through the time travelling portal (aka the ticket office) and back in to 2021.

This term Class Six were tasked with designing and building a model of an Anderson shelter.  Firstly they researched how, where and why they were built.  They then had to build a shelter that would house a Lego man and withstand a bomb (our 1kg weight!).

The children had great fun, spending the day designing and choosing materials, then building.  They showed great teamwork and perseverance.  Their final models were amazing!  Mostly all of them were fit for purpose and there were even some beautifully designed gardens!  Well done Class Six.