Class 6, we'll miss you...

It's Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies!

Watch their side-splitting, action-packed, end of year adventure to defeat the dastardly Sheriff, storm Nottingham Castle, rescue Maid Marion and overthrow King John - all without laddering their tights!

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Mayan Chocolate Drinks

Class Six have had a go at making Mayan hot chocolate.  They used cacao powder, which they found to be very bitter and not at all like the chocolate are they used to!  They all designed their own recipe, choosing to add either chili powder, vanilla, honey and cayenne or any interesting combination.  They then mixed it all up and added hot water.  The results were interesting.  Some of the children enjoyed their drink but most of them did not – perhaps too much chili powder!  You can probably tell from the looks on their faces.  Well done for having a go at tasting something new and different.


Class Six are super readers!  This year they have been given a challenge: to read 50 different books between them.  It’s only the beginning of Autumn 2 and they have already reached 70!  So the target has now been extended.

Class Six really love reading – they always have their books with them, love to talk about books and are interested in sharing opinions about books.  Central to this are the three ‘Prize Winning books’ – The Boy at the Back of the Class, The House with Chicken Legs and Goldfish Boy.  As the children read them, they can fill in their ‘passport’ and qualify to become a judge.  We will ultimately be deciding which one of those they love best, and then writing to the author to tell them!

Well done Class Six – reading makes you brainy!

Anderson Shelters – Design Technology

This term Class Six were tasked with designing and building a model of an Anderson shelter.  Firstly they researched how, where and why they were built.  They then had to build a shelter that would house a Lego man and withstand a bomb (our 1kg weight!).

The children had great fun, spending and afternoon designing and choosing materials, then the next morning building.  They showed great teamwork and perseverance.  Their final models were amazing!  All were (nearly all) fit for purpose and there were even some beautifully designed gardens!  Well done Class Six.


Class Six played dodgeball during a games session this week.  Luckily, the sun shone on us!

Mile a Day

Class Six have enjoyed getting outside in the sunshine during the afternoons to try to run, jog or walk a mile.  They all really enjoy it and come back into the classroom very re-energised!