Welcome to Class 6


Class Six were tasked with designing and building a model of an Anderson shelter.  Firstly they researched how, where and why they were built.  They then had to build a shelter that would house a Lego man and withstand a bomb (our 1kg weight!).

The children had great fun, spending and afternoon designing and choosing materials, then the next morning building.  They showed great teamwork and perseverance.  Their final models were amazing!  All were fit for purpose and there were even some beautifully designed gardens!  Well done Class Six.

This term we will be learning all about World War II.  So far we have examined why the war started in the first place and how different Europe looked in 1939.  We then learned about rationing and tried to imagine that we had been bombed and lost all of our clothes!  The children had to use just their allocated ration coupons to buy a whole year’s worth of clothing.  They found this challenging and it made them realise just how much they have today!  We have also learned about evacuation and tried to imagine how they might have felt, leaving their parents!

Some of the children have brought in photos and memorabilia from family members who took part in WWII.  These have been wonderful to see and really help bring the topic to life.

In Science, Class Six have been investigating electricity and making circuits.  They have experimented with changing variables in order to work out what happens when certain parts of the circuit were changed.  They have had fun playing with buzzers, lights and motors!

This term Class Six have had a visit from the police!  PC Rob Hulce spent and afternoon with the children talking about how to keep themselves safe online.  He provided them with up to date information on the social media that they may be using and the games they may be playing.  The children found the session useful and were able to ask lots of questions.  We will be having another visit from PC Hulce before Easter, to talk about online relationships.

Class Six have been learning how to draw portraits. 

Over the weeks, they learned new skills and practised drawing eyes, mouths and noses.  They then put this together to draw self portraits.  They copied a photograph of themselves.  They were very proud of what they achieved!