Our topic in Design and Technology has been 'Super Seasonal Food', thinking about where our fruit  and vegetables come from, and how much better it is for both us and the planet if we eat locally grown food when it is in season. After doing some taste tests - who would have thought that radishes were so tasty? - we then designed and prepared a healthy, well-balanced pasta salad, using as much seasonal produce as we could. Delicious!

What a wonderful time we had on our residential trip to 'The Wilderness' in the Forest of Dean. Take a look at all the things we got up to!

Year 5 had a fantastic introduction to the exciting world of engineering using K’Nex construction kits. We had to work together to design and build an eco house, with one moving part and two renewable energy sources. Great problem solving everyone!

As part of our R.E. topic, Ama came to share with us what it is like to be a Muslim living in Britain today.

We had so many questions to ask her! Does she eat special food? Has she ever been to Mecca? Has she always been a Muslim? Do people treat her differently because she wears a hijab? And we discovered that, although there are some things  she does which are very different to us, such as praying 5 times a day, fasting during Ramadan and only showing her face and hands in public, she's actually just like us in many other ways. She even watches 'The Apprentice'!

Ama was also kind enough to bring in lots of Middle Eastern-style food for us to try. Samosas, hummus, falafels, baklava, pomegranate juice and lassi, a yoghurt drink. What a feast!

Thank you so much, Amma!

So here it is! Class 5's showcase presentation of 'Jingle Bells'. We started off not sure which way up a ukulele even went.... And now listen to this. Well done and thank you, Mr. F.P.! And well done Class 5!

And they are finished! Our fantastic Greek kraters, painted in our own designs after investigating traditional decorations. A few cracks here and there just add to the 'recently excavated' feel. Well done everyone!

Class 5 have been having ukulele lessons with the talented Mr. F.P.. It's tricky trying to hold the ukulele correctly, remember where to place your fingers AND read the music, all at the same time. But the children can already play pieces of music using 3 different notes! Watch out for a showcase video coming soon...