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In RE we have been looking at baptism. We talked about the significance of water and what it meant to us. We came up with lots of words that we associate with water; life-giving, refreshing, hydrating, fun, energising, cleansing. We then went out and wrote the words in chalk in creative writing. After that we chose our favourite words and washed away the others. 


Class 4 are learning about different monarchs who have had an impact on British History and, so far, have studied William the Conqueror and King John. We enjoyed making our own Magna Carta (The Great Charter) that is still part of our English Law today. We had an area of the classroom set up as Runnymede (area near London) to sign and seal each handmade Magna Carta, just like King John did on 12th June 1215.

We have been reading 'Wolves in the Walls' and really enjoyed acting out the wolves' mischievous plans!