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Welcome to Class 4

Diary from 'The Wilderness'


Year 4 set off on the Monday excited to explore the Wilderness Centre. We started by having our lunch and then we went around the site doing some orienteering.  We then had a lovely dinner and went out for our late night walk in the woods. We were careful to avoid the ‘killer sheep’ and the electric fence that was highly sensitive to children talking. We then went into the woods and played Ninja squirrels, where the children seemed to be incredibly good at hiding behind trees and slowly creeping up on us!!  

After much excitement, we managed to get back to the house and go to bed....well about an hour later as they were much too excited having the whole class within ‘cherry knocking’ distance...we know who it was!!


We woke up to the amazing smell of cooked breakfast at the very reasonable hour of 5.30....thank you boys!!

After breakfast, we were split into 3 groups and we did a range of activities. We did:

Crate stacking and Archery

Tunnels of Doom and climbing

Bush craft and den making

All of the activities were amazing, the children particularly enjoyed the Crate Stacking and the Archery.

In the evening the children were given ‘The Egg challenge’, by Carlos. They had to protect a raw egg, but all they were given was a yoghurt pot, some paper, a bin bag, some cardboard and as much cellotape and string as they would like...though they had to dance for it or tell a funny joke.  ‘What do you call a Spanish man who has lost his car? Car loss!!!’ was one of the many gems that we heard!! Carlos and Sarah then went up to the roof and hurled them off. Class 4 watched as ALL the eggs became scrambled! We then went and toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the camp fire. After an exhausting day, it only took ½ of hour for the teachers to get the children to sleep!


We woke up at the slightly more reasonable time of 7am and we were straight down to breakfast. We had time to finish our last round of activities from the day before and then before we knew it, it was lunchtime and time to get back on the bus.

We had an amazing few days and the children were fantastic!! We had so much fun and we couldn’t have been prouder of their behaviour and their positive attitude towards everything! Thank you Class 4!

As part of the celebration of Diwali, Hindus draw Rangoli patterns outside their houses using paint powder. Class 4 had a go at drawing their own and then drew them up on the path, with chalks.

As we got 100 marbles in our jar, class 4 decided that they wanted an Easter Egg hunt treat! With cryptic clues and words to unscramble, only one group managed to complete it in the 45 minutes! Well done to the winning group: Liberty, Aaron, Elissa, Joshua and Verity!

Class 4 have been exploring sound (pitch and volume) in Science. At the end of the unit, the children  designed and made their own instruments.

World Book Day

After our taste-testing session, we created our own bread, with the finished loaves judged by our distinguished guest, Mr. Paul Hollywood (aka Mr. Waller). Delicious!

Class 4 are having great fun practising for iSingpop in class!!

Class 4 sampling different bread products, before we create our own recipes in groups for our English and DT.

Yum, yum!

In Gymnastics we have been focussing on different balances.

These are a few pictures of us having fun and experimenting on the full apparatus!

We did a fantastic Riotous Royalty assembly all about Britain’s monarchy, both past and present.

There was lots of dancing, singing and chopping of heads!!

We have been acting out ‘Atishoo!’ to help us write our play scripts and performing ‘Dolly and the Train’ to help with our speech punctuation.