Welcome to Class 2

Class 2 were detectives on World Book Day and looked for hidden clues. We watched a music video (Chris Malinchak, So Good to me) and looked for clues to tell us what was happening. We then looked at an illustration from a book to find hidden clues that may tell us what the book is called and what is was about. The children were very good at this. We then read the story – The Man on the Moon: A Day in the life of Bob by Simon Batram. Class 2 then completed some writing based on what we had found.

Class 2 have designed and made a penguin finger puppet this term. They explored different ways of joining materials – sewing, stapling, gluing and so on. Every child used their perseverance to complete each stage of the making process.

Over the past few weeks the children in class 2 have been studying the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We discussed how Oliver Jeffers had missed some parts in his story like speech between the characters and description. So the children became authors themselves and wrote new stories. They were fabulous!!

We are really pleased with how Class 2 have been completing their homework tasks each term. Every term our display becomes full of homework. Here are some of the examples that we have had this term.

This term Class 2 have been solving a problem by designing a Christmas box that would look beautiful and keep the presents safe. They all investigated other types of present boxes and baskets to discover the features that their own box would need. After this the children designed and made their box ready for Christmas. They all look SUPER!!!!

On Thursday 8th November Year 2 had the amazing opportunity to go to The Secret Garden and enjoy the fire! We used our senses when next to the fire and talked about what we could hear, see and feel. The best part was toasting the marshmallows although it was very hot and smoky! The hot chocolate that Mrs. Yates made was also very delicious. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for manning the fire all day!