We had a fabulous trip to Bristol Zoo! We saw lots of different creatures, big and small on our tour of the zoo. We loved seeing the baby gorilla, the lions and the meerkats. We had a super workshop, where we explored rainforest artefacts and learnt about creatures that live in this habitat. We even got to hold or stroke hissing cockroaches, a turtle and a tenrec! It was great to meet some of the creatures that we have been learning about in Science.

Class One have enjoyed taking their Science and Art learning outside. We have made bird feeders, rain gauges and observed the changes in the seasons and weather. Also, check out our amazing land art and mini sculptures!

In Geography this term, we have learnt how to draw maps and use map symbols and directions. We also have learnt what an aerial view is. Check out our messy maps of the classroom!

Year One have enjoyed creating a mini nature sculpture out of clay! Aren’t they great?

We have enjoyed our ‘Super Me’ topic! We thought we’d turn into superheroes for the day and have even more role play fun in our Superhero headquarters. Even our puppet classmate Arthur wanted to have a turn! I think you’ll agree that we look super.

In Class One we enjoy completing our learning challenges and having some free choice time during Busy Time! Look at us having fun learning with our friends both inside and out.